Our tribe of life-loving, creative and passionate teachers will welcome you to our green urban forest and make sure you leave feeling rejuvenated and with a blissful smile on your face.


Jana came across yoga through a project paper at school at the age of 15 and has been hooked ever since. As yoga has helped her a lot along the way in terms of physical and mental health, she is happy to share this powerful tool in a playful and challenging way. Jana's classes focus on creating awareness for body and mind and lead every student into his/her very own practice.


Jonathan came across yoga in 2010 after moving to Germany, and he felt in love immediately with it. Jonathan is incredibly passionate about movement and the human body and strive to honor the mind/body connection in all of his teachings. The purpose of his classes are simple, to create a well balanced practice that creates a positive and rejuvenating energy for all yoga students.


After starting a regular practice, Lisa soon realized yoga was so much more for her than just a hobby. It became part of her everyday life. By finishing her yoga teacher training in Vienna she could finally make her long desired dream come true and pass on all the benefits and values yoga holds for herself to her students.


After coming across this wonderful practice, Tamara realised that yoga helped her to really enjoy the moment, live life with more calmness and to gain a better body awareness - after each yoga practice she simply felt fantastic and full of energy. Through her teaching she wants to share this wonderful feeling and help her students clear their minds and leave the class with this amazing feeling of calmness and peace.


For Melina, yoga is therapy for body, mind and soul and because of her own positive experience with it, she feels the desire to give others the same wonderful feeling after a yoga session. Her classes are demanding and go very deep - both physically and mentally. She shares everything that she herself is touched by and what accompanies her on the journey to wisdom, and her own authentic path to herself.


Roxana used to be a musical actress with some roles as a dancer. After spending the entire summer in California 10 years ago to vacation there, she feared that she would lose stamina and flexibility during this period without any dance training. While looking for an alternative training program, she discovered yoga which has helped her become stronger, both physically and mentally.


Laura came across yoga during her corporate job in London. Initially she thought “yoga was too slow” and that she was “too inflexible anyways”. But only after two or three classes she started to feel not only the immense physical but also mental benefits and was totally hooked. Laura's aim is to help her students feel and understand their bodies a little better and by opening up those tight spots in the body, equally creating space in the mind.


Christiane started doing yoga after graduating her musical theatre education and was immediately fascinated by the power of it. Her job as an actress and performer can be very stressful because you're always exposed to criticism from the outside. Yoga helps her to trust in herself and her instincts and that it's okay to be proud of yourself. And that is also what Christiane wants to give to her students - a feeling of being proud of who you are.


Bianca came across Yoga during a mentally challenging time in her life, and on the yoga mat she found peace. Yoga helped her to not only release tensions in her physical body and become more flexible, but also to develop more mindfulness and become more intentional on- and off the mat. In her classes she brings you right into the present moment. She also dares you to challenge yourself and eventually reveal some of your hidden potential.


When Hanae started practicing yoga, she immediately understood that this would be more than just another hobby. She fell in love with the way it made her feel and the strength and peace it brought her, both physically and mentally and decided to complete her teacher training in India. Her classes focus on gently building strength while becoming more aware of the body and having a good time! Her biggest reward? Your happy face at the end of her class!